Book My Maids is a professional cleaning company and we are ready to clean everything that would not be damaged. We take pride in working with our customers who are in need of our proficient services. We have in-depth knowledge in cleaning process and materials and use only those products that do not harm your assets.

As our business has a labor type nature, we schedule crews well in advance. So, any late cancellation increases our labor cost. This makes us to raise the prices. In order to get rid of this, you should notify about this at least 48 hours in advance.

You are completely responsible for any breakables and hazards in the work area especially while dealing with collectables, antiques and other breakable items.

Our team of well trained employees customizes the work styles for matching your needs. We have provided immense training to them and so, they readily get adapted to the working environment and provide heightened services to you.

As we hire only individuals with clean record, you need not worry about theft or damage to your equipment. However, in case, if any mishaps occur, we do not bear any sort of financial responsibility. As mentioned in the service agreement, our maids will be provided with 48 days of leave every month. In case of excess of holidays, we also facilitate the replacement of staff members.

The estimate or quote which you obtain from us is indicative and it may differ slightly. When it comes to cleaning, the charges will be made based on the number of rooms and types of areas cleaned. On the other hand, charges for washing utensils and washing clothes and cooking meals will be calculated as per the number of family members.

We not only provide correct and up-to-date, information, but also provide guarantees and warranties for their completeness, reliability, suitability, accuracy and availability. All our efforts are made to run and keep up our business smoothly by providing efficient services to our clients. However, we do not take responsibility or not responsible for being unavailable due to some technical problems which are beyond our control.

We assure that only eco friendly cleaning materials will be used to carry out cleaning task. You will have 100% satisfaction not only in terms of cleaning your home but also while taking care of cute little ones, cooking, house keeping, home nursing, baby care, senior citizen care etc.

There are Both companies that work under JMDS Solutions and BookMyMaids.com is one such company offering a wide range of services to the clients. JMDS SOLUTIONS Register No. 762034622 , Book My Maids is a reputed and reliable organization.

The charges for every kind of service that you require will be given in detail and so, you will not feel like paying additional charges or over charged. Of course, when you receive any other additional charges, it will incur some additional charge.

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