Terms & Conditions

  1. The registration services charge for the candidate is one salary and Clients have to pay 50% at time of maid is join at your place on same day and 50% within one week of joining.
  2. The contract period is for 1 year replacement : max 3 Replacement if any reason the client cancel the contract there would be no refund
  3. During the 1 year replacement time. If you wish to cancel the contract for any reason, the services charge/recruitment fees paid to us will not be refunded
  4. The client will check the bag, purse or any other thing that the maid is carrying before the maid enter the home and before the maid leaves the home. This is for safety of the client
  5. The client under takes to notify Book My Maids immediately upon agreeing to hire a candidates introduced by Book My Maids
  6. We are not responsible for any wrong behavior characteristic between Candidates & Client
  7. Receipt & Document will be send to the client open commitment of employment and placement fee payable after the balance amount is paid,
  8. Instructions are strictly confidential, if Book My Maids introduces candidates to client, interview done through telephonic conversation, video calling etc. The interview will be giving at your place, Executive will come at your location with maid there will be 2 option giving Select/Reject , If you select maid need to join on same day and need to clear the balance without salary given to candidate there will be no replacement given , the money paid by you is our agency fee and not maid salary
  9. Any payment made to candidate the company will not responsible for money Matter.
  10. While every endeavor is made by Book My Maids to introduce satisfactory candidates to the client. It is the responsibility of the client to satisfy themselves of the suitability of an applicant before hiring them. If required the client need to do medical examination for client safety.
  11. Prior to the placement of the maid, the client has to give us the job description of the type of work the maid needs to do, the client cannot make the maid to anything outside the job description then Book My Maids will not replace the maid and neither refund the placement charges paid by the client.
  12. Although we do a document verification of the maid, we strongly suggest that the client either himself or ask Book My Maids to do a police verification of the maid. Book My Maids may assist the client in with the details of the maid provided to us by the maid when the maid registered with you.
  13. If the invoices are settled and due to any reason the candidate resigns then a free replacement is 15 days but it may be depending or the availability
  14. If client is hiring the existing maid after completion of contract without renewing, then Book My Maids is not responsible for any replacement or guarantee for the maids.
  15. The document will be given to you after the full and final payment is done and will sent by courier
  16. The registration fee has to be made in favor of Book My Maids
  17. If client wants to renew the contact after contract expiry date, then client have to pay the registration few as required. 
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